Comments have been one of the most requested feature - and they're finally here!

Batteries included

Comments are core to lively discussions on the public board. Once enabled, signed in users can go to the comments right on every feature on the public board.

What's included?
  • Top-level comments and threads: users can add new comments, or reply to existing ones in comment threads (think Slack)
  • Comment likes: users can also like comments to decrease repetition and allow for concise discussions
  • The edit button: what took Twitter more than a decade is here right from the start. Users can edit their comments within the first hour after posting, or of course delete them at any time.
  • Team members are highlighted in the discussion, and can of course also reply to posts privately. See more below on moderation.

In moderation

Public boards are a public space on the internet, and as such require moderation. To make things easier for your team, FeatureCat has two core modes (which can be changed any time):
  • Auto-approved: New user comments get auto-approved immediately and are visible to everyone. Your team can still reject or delete them.
  • Moderation first: New user comments need to be explicitly approved by team members to be publicly visible. Until then, there are only visible to the user who posted them, along with a relevant notice.
Comments can of course also be disabled at any time.

User privacy

A discussion needs at least two people, and they need to recognise one another to at least see who said what. To keep user privacy front and center, FeatureCat supports multiple privacy settings for comments:
  • Full name: display the user's full name (if set)
  • Redacted: show only the first and last character
  • Anonymous: keep comments fully anonymous (default when no name is set)

What's next

To get started, go to your product's settings to enable comments and choose your moderation style. Please note that comments are only available in FeatureCat's paid plans.

Let's get the discussions going!

11 months ago