FeatureCat was always about the entire journey from artifact (requirement) to shipped feature. Now we're closing the loop with the Changelog, an easy way for you to share product updates with your users.

Every product has a public feed to which you can share what's new with your product, other updates, or really whatever you want. And just as with the public board, the changelog is super easy to embed in your app - but more on that coming soon.

You can already attach images, format them to your liking, just like you would with any other blog post.

Writing this very post from the dashboard.

The changelog is still in private beta, but let us know if you're interested. As always, we love your feedback.

We have lots of things planned, like integration with the public board, linking of released features to changelog posts, notifications of users, RSS/Atom feeds. Lots more to come!

5 months ago