One of the longest feature requests is now finally live: FeatureCat's public board can now be embedded into your website (via an iframe). All of that is supported with the new v2 FeatureCat.JS, which comes a few great new bells and whistles.

We've also upgraded our docs, where you can find a lot more details. The docs now have a handy new guide on all the different integration options.

Specifically, FeatureCat now supports three authentication modes:
  • The brand new Board Session, allowing you to create a configurable session object in your app or on your server, include all the user information, and get a unique board URL as the response. (This also powers the iframe integration for the public board embed).
  • A classical JWT Authentication, which allows you to create a JSON Web Token as an authentication token in your app or on your server, which you can then use to redirect the user.
  • The direct POST is still alive and kicking, allowing for one of the quickest and cleanest integrations - if your environment supports it.
Check it out, and please share feedback!

about 1 year ago