Make a suggestion

You have to open this board in FeatureCat to submit suggestions.

Feedback web widget

Provide your users with an integrated widget directly in your web app that lets them instantly give feedback, attach screenshots and saves the submission url.

Search all the things

App-wide search for features, artifacts and users, with a single Google-style search bar.

Export all the things


Create CSV or Excel reports of data list views.

Web app public board integration


Integrate your public board into a web app and automatically sign in your users.

Custom domains

Host your feedback board under a custom domain.

Custom sorting for public boards


Set a custom order for public boards and let your users sort features by themselves.



Sometimes you want to vote for somebody else - maybe even someone who isn't even a direct user of your app.

Product updates (Change log)

In Beta

Create product releases and assign features and a description.


In Review

You're getting product feedback via email? Send it directly to your very own FeatureCat email and we'll automatically create an artifact for you. Never lose track and move the feedback out of your support queue.

Feature Categories


Segment your features into categories. Perfect for products with a large coverage area or different teams. Can also be shown on the public board for to enable a kind of "sub-board".